The aims and objectives are:  
    1. To carry on the business of surveyors, consultants, advisers, designers, architects, builders, engineers, and manufacturers of rolling stock, plant and machinery, construction development and improvement of Railways, Tramways, Bridges, Ferries, Workshops and any carried on in connection therewith.
    2. To carry out Field surveys, plan and investigate the economics of route and alignment for new railway lines and prepare preliminary and feasibility Reports.
    3. To Plan, Design, and Supervise the construction of Railway Lines, Railway stations Bridges, over bridges, Under bridges, Tunnels, Culverts workshops, warehouses, houses, Factories, Offices, Staff quarters, Railway facilities at ports and harbors, and all works connected therewith.
    4. To Render Technical Assistance to foreign countries in connection with • Designing, Modernization, Improvement, and Maintenance of Railway Installation, workshop Tracks, Bridges, Signalling system, Telecommunication Network, Rolling stock, Motive power. • Organization and administration of railway departments. • Modernization and improvement of train operations; and • Establishment, Maintenance, and Running of institutions for the training of Railway personnel.
    5. To Manufacture, Buy, Sell and Generally deal in, rolling stock, Plant and Machinery, Tools, Goods, or things of any description which in the opinion of the company may be conveniently dealt with by it in connection with any of its objects.
    6. To purchase, Take on Lease, or otherwise Acquire for the purposes of the company, any Estates, Lands, Buildings, Easements, or other interest in real estate, and to Sell, Let on a lease, or otherwise dispose of or Grants right over any real property belonging to the company.


Owners, operators, and users of rail transport have differing needs and require varying objectives to be achieved. Generally faced with limited financial resources and invariably conflicting areas of interest, management has many problems to combat with. The present problem with most of the world’s railways is how to make the best use of the existing facilities rather than allocate new investments. As such the Railways of various countries feel the need to get. These are the areas where PRACS provides invaluable assistance to any Railways. It provides the best advice to solve problems/proposals in any field of Railways. As its strategy PRACS indicates a solution, directly addressing the required areas that are technically appropriate to the local conditions. PRACS is available to take up Projects of new Railway systems or improvements to existing ones at the international level and discuss the issues faced by any Government or Railway Organization.


The company’s commercial offices work as a team with its clients to produce recommendations that are realistic, acceptable, and workable.


The main source of human resources for PRACS is the Pakistan Railways. PRACS picks Engineers & professionals serving as well as retired most suitable for the development of any project from the Pakistan Railways as per the requirements of the projects. It also hires experts from the open market to augment its human resources to accomplish the job to its perfection in manufacturing coaches, wagons & locomotives. The team thus picked up accomplishes its project assignments and is repatriated to the parent department. Thus, not only the company overheads are kept to the minimum but also the induction of people with the latest field experience is ensured.


PRACS can handle projects covering a variety of business fields related to Railways and Engineering disciplines. Our services can be availed in any of the fields, listed below:-  
      • Transport planning
      • Feasibility Studies
      • System Studies
      • Inter Model Studies
      • Optimization & Rationalization
      • Project Management
      • Railway Management
      • Railway Operations
      • Traffic Survey & Projections
      • Commercial Management
      • Privatization
      • Tariff Structures
      • Freight Operations
      • Container Traffic
      • Land & Route Surveys
      • Railway Track
      • Bridges
      • Overhead Structure
      • Line Capacity Works
      • Railway Crossings
      • Over Dimension Consignments
      • Designs Standardization
      • Specifications and Tender Documents
      • Sub Soil Investigations
      • Design/Drawing offices
      • Architectural Designs
      • Environment Development
      • Public Health Engineering
      • Management Information Systems
      • Automation/Computerization
      • Railway Stock Fleet Management
      • Rolling Stock Design & Manufacturing
      • Electric Traction
      • Railway Workshops
      • Electro-Mech works
      • Railway Signaling Systems
      • Railway Control Centers
      • Telecommunications
      • Stock Management
      • Human Resource Management
      • Financial Management